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There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about the my journey and vision, as it pertains to all things aromatic and beyond.  I trust  you will enjou all the offering available isite and take a moment to drop me a line.





My name is Michael Scholes and I am originally from the UK and have been in the United States since 1982. I am experienced in all aspects of Aromatic and Botanical-based solutions, having accumulated  over 33 years of  knowledge in the Art, Science and Healing aspects of essential oils and all things aromatic. My extensive training includes working directly with the two leading experts in the therapeutic use of essential oils, Dr. Daniel Pénoël and Pierre Franchomme, with over 70 years of combined experience. Penoel, a leading authority in medical aromatherapy,  and Franchomme, a pharmacologist/botanist, who invented the concept of energetics, chemotypes, and the therapeutic use of essential oils.  

I research, write, train, formulate, practice and consult and offer one of the most extensive collections of essential oils in the world. My services are sought out as a formulator, teacher, trainer, practitioner, writer, speaker, researcher and developer of multi-sensory therapeutic-based treatments. I am the founder and owner of the Virginia based, Laboratory of Flowers, and offer a comprehensive number of products and services. While I am a for-profit based LLC, I am not commerce driven. I am a debt-free enterprise striving for zero waste and a low carbon footprint. I believe in personal service and I am always available by phone, text and email offering support, suggestions and solutions. My purpose is to help educate, formulate and apply essential oils as a complementary intervention to conventional medicine through blends, treatments and integration into all aspects of the human condition, helping to restore balance within and ultimately end pain and suffering.  




We are dedicated to offering the most vital and consistent essential oils available, featuring over 600 essential oils, absolutes, hydrosols and fixed oils.  We explore all available sources for our products and search far and wide to the corners of the earth and collect rare and precious oils representing the true nature of what an authentic essential oil smells and feels like. Our mission is to carry multiple oils from a variety of countries, along with multiple species, available in a selection of qualities and distillation methods. We are interested in the exact species of specific essential oils correctly identified by their Latin names. Each essential oil has its preferred country of origin, although it is not to say there are no other countries offering comparable oils. Lavender, for instance, is grown in at least 11 countries and this is why we offer 22 different lavenders globally grown at different altitudes, locations and in varying soils. In addition, we have multiple eucalyptus (14), fir (13), frankincense (8), geranium (8), helichrysum (7), jasmines (7), junipers (9), myrtle (5), patchouli (8), peppermint (10),  petitgrain (8), pine (11), rose (10), rosemary (11), sage (10), spruce (7), tea tree (7), thyme (8), vetivers (8), yarrows (6) and ylang ylang (6) in our collection. This is why we call our collection, “The Library of Fragrance.”  In our library we offer the following:  
205 Organic,  155 Conventional,   123 Wild,  48 Absolutes,  27 C02 extracted,  37 Fixed Oils (carriers), 26 Floral Waters ,13 Wild Artisan Crafted &  3 Bio Dynamic.   



Lab of Flowers Spa provides signature treatments, professional supplies, retail possibilities, and customized training, by Michael Scholes. We are a full service supplier and while we can supply individual items, our preference is to partner with spas who have a wellness driven vision.  We are looking to spa's with those whose focus is to integrate all levels of therapeautic healing by not only incorporating our treaments, but also interweaving our retail products, educational events and trainings into a multi-sensory, full spectrum approach for the client. The goal is to create the opportunity for clients to feel connected to their spa experience as something more than just a "treatment", but rather a transformative and healing experience.

Each one of our healing journeys focuses on key concerns such as balance, vitality, sleep, detoxification, restoration, energy, and stress relief.


Sensory Experiences Signature Treatments 

Our nine multi-dimensional sensory experiences use organic and natural sources, specific massage tools, multiple essential oil blends and supplies from around the world, integrating healing techniques found in Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. 

1. Chi Meridian Massage (Regenerate)

2. Drift to Sleep (Replenish)

3. Counter Balance (Recalibrate)

4. Elements/Seasons (Revitalize) - Spring Awakening, Summer Sizzle, Focus on Fall and Winter Warming 

5. Enhancement Massage (Refine)

6. Green your Body (Recycle)

7. Intuitive Aromatherapy (Recover)

8. Mood Balancing (Rebalance)

9. Restorative (Restore)


Enhancements are add-ons and can be incorporated into the treatment or as an addition to any treatment. They vary in time needed and are services that bring added value to the client and the spa. These enhancements can transform a conventional treatment into a multi-sensory experience. 

1. Hair and scalp 

2. Skin Exfoliation 

3. Hands and/or feet 

4. Spinal treatment – Restorative or Sleep 

5. Chakra balancing 

Bulk Professional Supplies. 

Many of our professional spa supplies are available scented or unscented, in sizes from 32 oz to a gallon, including all our organic masks, scrubs, lotions, massage oils and creams; as well as our facial and hair care products. 

All our essential oil blends are available by the ounce, liter and kg and everything in between*. 

*Size is dependent on essential oil availability.


“Adding essential oils to multiple organic bases, combining in treatments, through touch, is the most beneficial way a client can distance themselves from their troubles and reconnect with themselves through nature.”

Download our Retail & PROFESSIONAL Price LIST

Price lists for the Laboratory of Flowers Retail and Health Professional.  For Wholesale (up to 8oz) or Bulk  Wholesale,  please send a request to: labofflowers@gmail.com .


Botanic Based Personal Care


Our botanic based products combine our most popular formulations and natural fragrances and are added to our organic and natural bath salts, bath milks, creams, carriers, infusions, lotions, muds, nourishments, scrubs as well as products for skin, hair, hands and feet. We offer the following products for resale through mail order and through our retail partners:

Body Care

Chakra Balancing

Chi Meridian Massage Oils

Facial care 

Five Elements

Four Seasons

Hair Care





“Wherever there is a poison, there is a remedy”

We have remedies for every symptom, condition, emotion, and energy level, including sacred blends. Our most sought-after formulations are available in 100 Roll-on Remedies and are available at theremedystore.com.    

These handcrafted, alchemically formulated remedies are highly concentrated, come in several sizes and are in a serum or oil-base, containing anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. Available in 5ml, 10ml, 17.5ml, 30ml and 50ml.  These remedies are categorized for the physical, emotional, mental/psychological, spiritial and energetic, These remedies are all grouped together for specific conditions and are avaulable individually or in kits containg 10 remedies for each of the following: Addiction,   Biblical, Detox, Feminine  Balance, First aid, Loving, Masculine, Mental/Psychological, Mood, Travel, Spiritual, Stress as well as our Master Collection.

In addition, we have an expanded selection of remedies that we offer for specific benefits, outside of our 100 Roll-Ons. In fact, any of our over 700 formulations can be made into a Roll-on Remedy on request. All remedies are hand-made and made fresh to order.



Blends are standing by...


Essential oils, when formulated, go beyond the chemistry and incorporate the alchemy of the combinations that in turn create healing solutions. Our “Aromatic Apothecary” contains over 1750 master formulations made for specific purposes, benefits, conditions and symptoms. 

On many occasions there may be several formulations that are similar, but different. This gives us the opportunity to choose a blend that is as close as possible to the solution you need. If we do not have what you are looking for, we will make it for you, subject to additional charge depending on the complexity of the blend.  There is no formulation fee for  any blend from our existing library.



Small batches are our specialty

 Our specialty is making small batches of our professional supplies, including a selection of essential oils and blends that can be bottled according to your specific requirements. We have several sizes of bottles and containers including glass, plastic and recycled materials in a variety of colors. We can fill for you with your own label or one that we can design in-house*. Amounts available differ depending on the specific product requested. *Custom design fees may apply.


The Michael Scholes School of Aromatic Studies

Not Just Knowledge Know-How

Our education division offers advanced re-education in the Art and Science of Aromatherapy. We offer home study courses and live events in Authentic Aromatherapy.

Home Study

Our home study education contai,cga combination of written, audio, essential oil samples and blending supplies where all the senses are stimulated and where real learning begins. First, you must unlearn what you think you know in order to fully grasp the complexity of essential oil understanding. You will then have the confidence to use all methods of application in your practice.  Recordings are from the best of the best classes presented over the past 30 years.

1. Beyond Scents*

2. The Aromatherapy Series*

3. Certification*

4. Diploma (ten modules)*

5. Teacher Training*

* Includes manual, live voice recordings and optional blending supplies.

Live Classes

Our live classes present the FACTS (Feel, Align, Connect, Touch and Smell) combining human interaction and hands-on blending and application to fully immerse the individual in the whole aromatic experience and give the opportunity to receive deep, transformational healing.

1. Healing and Essential Oils – 5 days

2. The Art and Science of Authentic Aromatherapy – Part 1 and 2 (10 days total)

3. The Art and Science of Essential Oil Blending and Formulation (6 days)

Live recordings

Michael has recorded everything he has taught over 30 years, and over 100 different classes, on a wide variety of aromatic and related subjects, presented on five contents. This is the most extensive audio library available and includes conferences and special events. Coming in 2019.

Aromatherapy Library

The Library contains a collection of articles, research from International Journals, magazines and student presentations plus Michael’s own writing from his extensive knowledge on the subject.  All articles are avilable in a pdf format,  some free of charge, others with a nominal charge. Estimated to be available by Fall 2019.


REALITY BASED SOLUTIONS - beyond therapy in real time

Michael Scholes and Robert Allen Walls

 “What starts as a conversation can easily reconnect you with the solution to what ails you as well as uncover the source of the problem.” Michael Scholes

What is Reality Based Solutions?

First and foremost, it is not therapy, counseling, metaphysics or religion. Think of it as somewhere between a conversation and psychotherapy. It goes beyond a conventional therapeutic model. Your belief system is immaterial to the process. This is a conversation with yourself, where our voice becomes the voice of reality and reason, in your own mind…are you open to hearing what you are not saying or not listening to within yourself? This process helps you to take full responsibility for everything you create, therefore giving you the power to make the necessary changes with what troubles you today, resolving it in the moment, in real-time. The goal of this process is to recognize that all solutions lie within yourself and are based in the reality you are aware of and often hidden within the unconscious. Our role is to guide you through what could be a minefield of emotions to keep all aspects of you intact while creating the life you desire through being true to who YOU really are and knowing what you want and need. 


Who are we?

We are two men who have spent our entire adult lives searching for the truth and helping others do the same. We have 80 years of combined experience in helping clients find solutions to underlying challenges related to health, emotional upset, grief, difficult relationships, complicated career challenges and all unnecessary suffering.

Michael Scholes

Michael is an integrated intuitive healer and wellness practitioner who has over 35 years-experience in assisting clients to find resolve in where they suffer whether physical, emotional, psychological, mental, spiritual or energetic. Michael's caring and compassion are exactly what is needed to restore you to wholeness. Solutions are based on inviting in something that needs to change for change to occur. This is accomplished through connecting with the authentic self and the addition of botanical interventions. Michael can be reached at 703-433-2499

 "Michael Scholes is a gifted and skilled healer unlike any other who possesses an unprecedentedly deep devotion of service to his clients. Steeped in trauma, Michael helped me through a maze of challenges allowing me to transform an enormously difficult situation that quite possibly could have negatively impacted the remainder of my life into one of empowerment and opportunity. He introduced both practically and energetically, how to shapeshift my reality so that it served me in its highest capacity. By working in the here and now and supporting positive action in my everyday life he also coached, coaxed and convinced me to honor myself in my thoughts and feelings resulting in the energetic shift which then impacted my reality. As if this werent enough, he made his services available to me at my leisure during a 12 hour window six days a week affording me the care needed to attend to my difficult moments which I was unable to see coming. Michael then offered his support and services to challenged friends and family giving way to a deeper level of understanding in my own life.  Andea S. NYC

Robert Allen Walls

Robert Allen has over 45 years of experience as an effective healer and dedicates 100% of his efforts and intent when working with a client.  He focusses on a relentless search for the truth and has an ability to implement a plan for change, in order to bring to consciousness, the Authentic Self and Voice and to create a life free of pain and suffering. He is the author of “Life Plan: Finding Your Real Self”.  This book is the perfect companion through the Journey of Life and offers a blue print for expanding your concioiusness through healing and loving yourself.  Robert Allen can be reached at 703-919-5373.

Getting Started

Call us any any time for your complementary 30-minute conversation at 703-433-2499.  

Begin by writing down what you are looking to resolve and something you would like to address in the moment. 


Pricing is by the minute and can be purchased in 60-minute increments. The more minutes you buy, the better the price. You can call any time, in real-time, and use the number of minutes you need to discuss what is on your mind. Payments are made in advance through PayPal through an invoice that will be emailed to you. We also have monthly plans.

Per minute pricing options:

60 Minutes $150.00 ($150.00 per hour)

120 Minutes $270.00 ($135.00 per hour)

180 Minutes $360.00 ( $120.00 per hour)

240 Minutes $420.00 ( $105.00 per hour) 

Reality Based Solutions  "Healing the world one person at a time".  




Michael is available to speak on a variety of subjects including aromatherapy, wellness and self-realization. As an advocate for nature, his focus is on natural alternatives using organic components, compared to synthetics, plus lifestyle modification. He uses comparisons between conventional medicine and traditional historical models, where the focus is about restoring balance through the elements, Ayurveda, temperaments and characterological defenses. His specialty is in identifying the human condition as being made up of energy: physical, emotional, psychological,  spiritual and energetic. Michael belives that healing is the integration of communication (expression) with touch (hands on), the senses (especially smell), nutrition (real food) and prayer (beyond religion).

Speaking engagements include the following topics, but but not limited to:

A New Vocabulary for Healing for the 21st Century 

Addiction: Using Essential Oils in Prevention and Treatment 

Aromatic Solutions in Managing Stress and  Anxiety

The Aromatic Spa  -   How Integrated Aromatic Treatments  Heal the Body, Mind and Soul

The Fragrant Brain - How Scent Can  Change  How We Are Wired

The Scented Bible -   Bringing Scripture to Life with Sacred Plants 

The History of Natual Fragrance from Cleopatra To Channel

The Mysterous World of Fragrance 

The Pharmacy of Fragrance - Using Essential Oil Based Remdies To Restore Wholeness

The Scented Soul - Finding  Your Way Back To God

Walking The Fragrant Path -  A Personal Journey to Inner Healing and Consciousness  

Where there is a Remedy, There is a Cure  - Aromatc Solution  in the Modern World



Walking the Fragrant Path

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Formulating and Analysis

While I cannot copy other fragrances, I can create a customized blend according to your requirements using a wide variety of organic, conventional, wild-crafted, carbon dioxide or a combination of all. Let me know what you need, and the price that your budget allows, and I will formulate a blend that not only smells good but will be affective for what the blend is designed to do. 

While we do not offer GC analysis, we do offer blend evaluation based on chemical analysis translated into the benefits that the blend offers.

Writing and Research 

I offer copy editing and writing for brochures, advertising and all things aromatic. I have a vast database of books, articles, journals, experience and know-how in researching essential oils, conditions, application and psychology. 

Investment Partnership Opportunities

My services in formulating, resourcing, product development and education are highly sought after and I am always open to partnering with other companies in creating new opportunities for growth. If you are interested in adding essential oils and essential oil based products to your own collection of products and services I are here to assist. We are a full-service operation offering every aspect of essential oil knowledge and know-how as it applies to spa’s, clinics and retail outlets using education and experience as a corner stone in our legitimacy. In addition, I have an extensive collection of blends where formulas are available to purchase individually or in multiple purchases. 



Coming Soon

Event Details

Contact Us


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We are aviailable during our normal business hours and we also answer our phone any time we are available. 


Michael Scholes

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